Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Palms and Headland
16 x 12
At dusk the feral cats and toads come out.  This is coincidental, as the cats have absolutely no interest in toads. They are interested in people as a source of food.  There are signs everywhere saying, Please don't feed the cats.  But many people have trouble seeing these creatures as wild animals when they are so soft and fuzzy and begging.
The toads have their own problems.  Along the road to the beach we found some 20 of them, squashed and desicated.  This is, after all, dry country, and what dies in the road dries in the road.  Sad for the toads, but the flattened toad mummies don't seem to indicate much decrease in population.  We see several live hoppers on the way to our room.
I read that these are the infamous cane toad.  Despite their rep for causing ecological havoc, as individuals they look innocuous.  I have a certain amount of sympathy, being a non-native creature myself.

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