Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Kauai Farm View
8 x 6
We visit some land that has multiple dwellings and shared garden space.  There are two permaculture gardens, fruit trees, a decorative pond with Hawaiian moorhens, and some banana patches.  In the yard are white ducks.  They are fenced out of the garden, all except for one, who for some reason is fenced in.  Periodically, the resident family hunts down the hidden duck nests and gathers eggs.  We buy some for our breakfast.  The duck eggs are large and rich, with very tough shells.  I have to whack them to crack them.

I once lived in a house by a stream, where a lady kept ducks.  She had two dogs, and because the dogs would eat the eggs, the ducks hid them...  sadly for the ducks, by laying them in mid-stream.  This was excellent refrigeration, and the lady would wade out and gather eggs from the stream.  She actually didn't have any while I was there.  Here on Kauai is my first taste of duck eggs.

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