Friday, June 8, 2012


Molokai Dawn Light
8 x 6
Snorkelling on Molokai is more difficult and less rewarding than on Maui.  Beaches are less protected and even the best snorkel sites have notable currents.  Rick and I learn to read them from shore first, then from careful attention to drift against the bottom.

The red dirt runs into the water and coats everything  along the near-shore bottom.  We find a few special sights, though-- some turtles and some nudibranchs. One is orange and spotted in Nemo colors.  It lets go its rock and drifts with the current looking very Nemo-like.  Then drops down and grabs a new rock.  Sometimes it resembls a drifting leaf, but in ridiculously bright colors: anti-camouflage.

On the south side of the island I enjoy seeing plump healthy corals up close, and many juvenile fish.  A rock mover spies me looking at him and scoots under the sand in a twinkling.  Was there really a fish there?

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