Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Molokai Beach at Sunrise
16 x 12
We head into town for the biggest excitement of the week: a sing-along at the hotel.  In the bar, a local professional musician is leading a group of local singers/ ukelele players in Hawaiian music.  We enjoy watching the sun go down as more and more people gather to play along.  They have huge tomes of lyric sheets.  As the evening wears on, I realize that they are playing nearly everything in the key of G.  I hear the same lead-in progression several times in a row.  Oh, now they play in F.  The pro musician reminds everyone what the chords are in F.  The whole thing reminds me a lot of when my parents played barber shop music in our living room.  (Same chord progressions too.)
Later on, Rick and I decide to have dinner.  But no, the kitchen won't be open until 6.  Since we got up at 5 AM, this is a no go for us.  We retreat to our condo and make our own dinner as the sun finishes setting.

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