Saturday, June 9, 2012


Molokai Dawn Cliffs
16 x 12
I think I put shoes on once since we arrived on Molokai, and that was a mistake.  We leave our flip-flops at the  door and go barefoot indoors.  Not so unusual for me, as I  go barefoot or sockfoot at home.  Now all the paths and beaches meet our feet in flip-flops.  The soft soles pick up rocks and thorns in their tread.  They have a ring of red dirt stain around the edge.  My feet feel not so much dirty as dry.  I would like to be greeted at our condo door with a warm bowl of water and soothing cream.  Still, my toes are happy and awake.

In this warm weather and varied activities, the flip-flops feel right.  Easy to slip them off, and put on fins.  Easy to slip them off and dig toes into the sand.  Slip them on and stroll along the street... they exempt us from  "no shoes, no shirt, no service."  They go equally well with shorts and sundresses.

They will be worn out when I get home.

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