Thursday, June 14, 2012


Molokai Hidden Cove
8 x 6
Molokai is a prime place for gorgeous, quiet beaches.  The sand is typical Hawaiian ground shell and coral of a pale mustard color.  Many beaches have a fringing shade.  There's a downside to taking shade under an acacia.  Thorny twigs fall all around them, hiding in the sand and volunteering to poke  through flip-flop treads.  The shade is thready, but many degrees cooler than the sun-heated sand or bare red dirt.  Red dirt is everywhere on the island.  The resort very cleverly gave us brown towels to take to the beach.
The water is amazing.  An intense ultramarine-turquoise blend through much of the day.  It is just cool enough to make you suck in your belly when you get in, but then refreshing, and warm enough to stay in.
We spend several hours alone on one of the beaches.  If you find the beach too crowded, easy to find another one not being used, at least on weekdays.  All of them have the same pale sand, red dirt, turquoise water... a color-fest.  Was that a cardinal I saw in that bush?

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