Thursday, March 25, 2010


I am delivering a painting to Eugene for THE LIVING RIVER, a juried show to benefit the McKenzie River Trust. Different rivers down here, and I ought to be able to find a spot along the McKenzie River to paint. The threatened rain clouds are breaking up, presenting me with lovely, varied clouds to paint. I deliver my painting, then miss the riverside exit somehow. So I stop in the lower Willamette valley. The clouds are warm, billowy, ever-changing. I would be content painting just the clouds. Almost reluctantly, I balance the sky masses with a group of trees, and add some of the spring almost-greenery. A nice change of scene from my usual haunts, and a nice way to break up the drive.


Donna Sanson said...

Karen - lovely piece. I wish now I could have joined you. You spent your time well. Donna

Karen E. Lewis said...

Thanks. Let's get together and paint some other time. It's getting warmer! Yeay!