Thursday, March 11, 2010


4 ways to view and paint color fields; portraits of a section of ceiling at LOAD:

Top left: Match the color mixing with a painting knife and lay it on the canvas in the general area it fills. You can keep it simple as in the example, or narrow the areas down to tiny spots.

Top Right: Fill the whole shape with a color to represent the general color of the field. Then look more closely at the field, and mix next to the original color so you can compare the color, mixing variations of the main color.

Bottom Right: Mix color to approximate the color of an area, and lay it on in dots, lots of dots where it is most prevalent, fewer dots where it is the least. Keep adding dots of color until the overall field approximates the color and variations that you see.

Bottom left: Scan the whole field. Note where a particular rainbow hue predominates and mix a fairly saturated mix of that hue. Grade it across the shape from most to least. Do this with other hues until the shape approaches the appearance and saturation of the observed color.

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