Thursday, November 7, 2013


Oregon City Falls Fall, 12 x 16 oil  SOLD
It's October, so you know that when I say I am standing on the Oregon City Bridge in the sunshine at 10 AM, you know that the sun isn't very warm.  Fortunately, the breeze down the river is light, and I have a good warm coat on under my painting smock.

This is an interesting festival--lots to do, but you have to run around a lot to do it.  There are some booths on the West Linn side of the bridge, with food, and community groups explaining the history of the area and such.  There are tours of the paper mill, but you had to be early to sign up.  People are crossing the bridge with baby carriages, bicycles, and in such large groups that I am glad to be tucked away under the arch.  Below me on the river is a fishing drama, and someone has landed a fine large ?sturgeon?

Yes, I know it is called Willamette Falls.  The unsold painting will be on view at Oregon City Hall, Dec 3-April 1.

Oregon City Falls in Full Flow, 6 x 8 oil