Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Tranquil Shadows, 6 x 8
I buy a cute purple bag/purse/thingy and take it with me to Hawaii.  I carry it over a white sun shirt during a garden tour, and the purple dye stains my white shirt.  Once I get home, I am able to remove the stain from the shirt.  But I figure I'd better do something about the stain-producing purse.  So I rinse it in cold water just to see how loose the dye is.  It produces lots of purple water and stains the plastic bucket purple.  I soak the purse in vinegar overnight and dump the rest of the purple water in the sink.  It stains the sink purple.  Now I have a purple purse, sink, and bucket.  I put the purse in the washer and run it through a hot cycle.  Now the washer is purple.  I use a rag to wipe out the washer, but the purple doesn't come off the rubber gasket.  Now I have a purple purse, sink, bucket, rubber gasket and rag.  I put the purse in the dryer and run it on hot.  Now I also have a purple drier.  My plan is to wipe everything out with one rag and throw the rag out.  Cat-in-the-Hat PLEASE tell me that this will work!

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