Saturday, June 8, 2013


Ironwood at Dawn, 12 x 16
Roosters are everywhere in Kauai, and to a less noisy extent, hens.  The roosters here don't say, cock-a-doodle-doo, they say cock-a-doo-doo.  Somehow, one of the beats got left out of their program.  You don't hear from the hens nearly as often.  This morning we hear a loud squawk, which reminds me of a peacock.  Looking down over the balcony for the culprit, I spya hen, standing alone in a sea of grass.  Nowhere can I see anything to provoke the loud complaint.  Mostly all you hear from the hens is a soft buck, buck when they want their chicks to move.  In sound, as well as plumage, the roosters steal the show. P.S.  You know that annoying song from the musical Peter Pan, "I gotta crow"?  Every time I hear a rooster, that song runs through my head for the next twenty minutes.  Either I'd have to get over that, or I'd go insane living here.

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