Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Three Palms at Dawn, 6 x 8
Swimming in from snorkeling the outer bit of reef at Tunnels Beach, I come across a shark cruising the rocks below me.  It is small, maybe a four-footer, but a rare daytime sighting unless you want to explore caves.  Later that same day, Rick and I are watching the sunset with a log turning in the surf.  Off to the left, two new dark shapes poke out of the water, right in the shore break.  I'm thinking it's another log, until it thrashes around and disappears out to sea.  A shark has run in out of his depth, maybe chasing dinner.

Shark sightings are the rare treat, the highlight, the reminder that more is going on in the world than we know.  You don't plan for sharks.  You show up, they happen.

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