Sunday, July 6, 2008

Ona Beach

Same paint spot as yesterday, but better weather. Because of the sun on the water, the values were reversed from yesterday. Attached my umbrella to my cart today. It has the virtue of not pulling my easel over, though I don’t know how steady the cart would be in wind. I pulled the car in front of me to give me some shelter and painted in the shade of the tree.
There’s a lot of color in this tree. Greens of mosses, dark-blue not-whites and almost black grays. It is easy to get lost in seeing a lot of difference and miss the relationships.
After painting, I walk around and take photos. This is a beautiful creek, with a different view from each picnic table. I meet several frisbee dogs, and pass a couple of people swimming in the creek. They must be a whole lot warmer than I am.

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Jill Jeffers Goodell said...

Great blog. I love your paintings. Thanks for sharing them. JJ