Friday, July 4, 2008

Alsea Bay

It is misty and windy at the beach, so I drive 2 miles up Alsea Bay to a view of colorful grasses and hills across the bay. I decide to paint two paintings. One with careful attention to realistic color. The second, pushing the colors to create a brilliant, colorful scene. I am foiled almost immediately. The grasses provide an irresistible temptation to show lots of color, and I find I am pushing color automatically. I paint a scene of trees for my second painting. I will have to try this exercise another time.
Despite being right beside the road, the scene is very peaceful. I have a nice wide berm and am not threatened by cars coming along the straightaway. The brisk wind is softened as it comes around my car door, and I have bungeed the umbrella to the doorway for extra stability. It’s like having a portable windbreak. The wind sighs through the grasses, and redwings call, flitting in and out of their hideaways. A dragonfly visits my colors, perhaps hunting the gnats that hover around my palette (one volunteers to be part of the painting.) As I finish my second painting, sunshine breaks through the clouds over the bay.

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