Saturday, September 22, 2007


Today, the last paint day of my residency, is again rainy. Occasionally, a break comes in the clouds, immediately filled with a new cloud and shower. I am tired, feeling the call of home and my upcoming trip to Pittsburgh.

One last time, I choose some favorite trees and shrubs out the visitors’ center windows. This will be my last memories of oncoming fall in the North Cascades, the rich, dark greens and dripping air. I sketch in the dark trees first, then in the foreground add the yellowing ferns, the slightly orange-tinted maples, the pendant rust-colored old leaves of cedars, the small, light-green pines.

If it clears this afternoon, I will hike or paint somewhere in the park. If not, I will answer the call of home.


Heather Murphy said...

Dear Karen, I've been enjoying your paintings and experience log of your AIR at Newhalem this autumn. I'm the AIR for Stehekin, where I've spent 4 days in September and will be back for 2.5 weeks beginning Oct 12th. I'm a watercolorist and acrylic painter on canvas, as well as wildlife biologist and journalist.

My species list (which overlapped your time) from Sept 6-9, 2007 include: neotropical migratory birds - osprey, barn swallow, violet green swallow; and resident birds - common merganser, blue grouse, northern flicker, redbreasted nuthatch, and raven. Also mule deer.

We had the Domke Lake Complex forest fire going while i was in residence in September, and did several sketches of the fire and fire boats/gear. An interesting association on the eastside of the Cascades, from your exerience with fairly consistent water coming from the sky.

Anyway, I wanted to compliment you on your blog and your lovely paintings. YOU ROCK!

Sincerely, Heather

Heather A. Wallis Murphy

derek said...

Hello, I love your paintings. I would love to own one but it is a little outside of my price range at the moment. I was wondering if you do prints of your paintings. My wife and I lived out Seattle the last 2 years and did plenty of camping in the North Cascades. We recently moved to Chicago and are very home sick for Seattle and the Mountains. We came across your paintings one night and we were just floored. You can email me at

Gary Keimig said...

what a wonderful experience. I had the opportunity to drive the North Cascades Hiway the year after it was completed. Beautiful country. Really loved the towns of Twisp and Winthrop.
This is a great painting.

Karen E. Lewis said...

Thanks, Gary. Isn't it wonderful how the climate zones change along the highway?