Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Showers are forecast for today. The sun is shining, so I take my paints to Ladder Creek, where I can paint not far from my car in case I need to pack up quickly. I set up to paint the lower part of the creek, which is nearly as spectacular as the main falls. I focus on one side of the drop where the creek falls between large slanted boulders. The rocks are full of subtle variatons in color, and I struggle to capture them, along with the shadows and the particular colors of the water.

It's a difficult painting day. Every time I turn around, I see the bank of clouds moving closer, and I know I have little time before they'll be dropping rain on me. I barely finish when a massive dark cloud covers the sky. A few drops of rain bead up on my oil-coated canvas. The rain holds off, until I get back to the Visitors' Center.

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