Saturday, July 6, 2013


Staender Ridge Sunlit, 6 x 8 oil
Sally and I reach Smith Rock in early afternoon, and tromp around the rim and the valley scouting out places to paint in tomorrow's competition.  It's a gorgeous day, not too hot, and were it not ridiculous in my condition, I'd be abandoning the painting and joining the rock climbers.
Things have changed since the days when I was climbing.  Most of the routes look to be bolted, and a lot of climbers are top-roping.  There are chalk paths up a lot of the routes... not that we never used chalk, but sheesh! We see a lot of long poles with clips at the end, whose use I can imagine, but really don't know.  I miss the jingle of racks.
My artist's eye sees the rocks in a new light: where are they reddest, what shapes do they make, what are the typical climbers' poses.  We leave the valley, find a place to set up that is not so difficult to access with our equipment, and do an evening painting.

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