Sunday, July 7, 2013


Crooked River Colors, 16 x 12 oil
We get up at dawn and hit the ground early for the Smith Rock Paint-out.  With the morning sun on the rock and blue sky reflected in the water, I can't resist the river scene.  It's a perfect day to sit on the rim under a broad umbrella, watching the flickering light on the river and the ups and downs of climbers.  From here they look like little ants.  Only from my climbing experience am I able to decipher what the little dots of color are doing down there.  I paint the climbers with little touches of my number 8 filbert.

Starting up the Crack, 8 x 6 oil
Jurying is a long wait, but a park ranger entertains us with fascinating facts about the history and wildlife in the park.  At the end of the wait, I find that both of my paintings have been accepted for the show.  They are currently on exhibit at Redmond Municipal Airport, along with 20+ other paintings from the paint-out.

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