Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Fishing Platform
9 x 12

Sept 3, Pacific Northwest Plein Air, Day 4,

Karen Whitworth, Talya Johnson and I are headed east in search of dry hills and cliffs.  It is late morning, and the shadow patterns in the gorge keep calling us to stop.  But we have already committed to going as far as The Dalles this morning, so we pass up many promising panting spots.  We stop at The Dalles, where we stumble upon a group of dipnet platforms, hanging out over the river.  I imagine standing on one. I'd definitely want a belay line.

Basalt and Bushes
8 x
We enter Horsethief Lake State Park just at the moment when shadows are falling across the basalt cliffs.  Unanimously, we decide to paint there.  A ranger comes out to see what we are up to, standing in the dry brush so far from the lake.  Painters: a real headshaker.

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