Thursday, September 20, 2012


Memaloose Island
12 x 9

Sept 4,  Pacific Northwest Plein Air Day 5

One of the areas that caught my eye the day before was Memaloose State Park.  This morning I have been here since sunrise, watching the shadows change on the hills across the river.  I want to wait for my painting buddy to arrive before I set up.

Turns out she thought I meant a different spot, so I set up with a view of the island with its odd memorial. 

 " The Chinook Indian tribes of the Columbia Gorge used to lay the bones of their dead on open pyres on Memaloose Island in the middle of the Columbia River near The Dalles. A granite monument visible from Memaloose State Park campground marks the resting place where a local pioneer named Victor Trevitt wished to chart his eternal course buried among honorable men. "  State Parks web site.

The oaks are looking particularly lacy this morning. I finish by indulging myself in a bit of brushwork.


B Boylan said...

Karen, what a lovely journal of the event. It is if I was there all over again. Your words are almost like poetry, but with some paint. Thanks for sharing.

Karen E. Lewis said...

Thanks, Brenda.