Sunday, April 22, 2012

Those Who Can, Ski; Those Who Can't, Paint

Mt. Bachelor Summit
12 x 9

It's a beautiful sunny (though not particularly warm) day at Mt. Bachelor.  We are here at 10 AM because my husband insisted that this was the best day for skiing during our 3-night stay.  Thus we got up at 5:30, something I never do except for sacred Hawaiian sunrise painting, and drove straight to the mountain.
Since my knee and back have left me grounded, I am taking the opportunity to paint a snow scene.  From my location amid the sea of cars I have a lovely view of the peak, which I give you here.

Really, I should have taken a photo of my setup: it's much more entertaining.  I didn't feel like standing out in the wind to paint, or setting up my easel, and the van is full of our the 48-inch baking sheet palette gets the driver's seat.  I sit in the passenger seat, with my tissue hanging from the sun visor, the 9 x 12 canvas in my hand, and brushes upended in the open glove box.  Laziness, ever the mother of invention.

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