Sunday, April 15, 2012

DROP IN THE SHADOW, Multnomah Falls

Drop in the Shadow, 12 x 24
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Multnomah Falls must be the most painted and photographed waterfall on the West coast. (Unofficial tourist statistic, created on the spot for your entertainment.)  Most of the time, I have painted up near the "official" viewpoint, looking up into the scattered spray.  This time, I am painting from the grassy median between freeway roaring East and freeway roaring West (buffered by the central parking lot.)  Despite the noise, it is a lovely spot, and I am standing in full sun, painting barefoot (highly recommended).  From here, you get the full impact of the upper falls, un-foreshortened, as I am looking across at it, not up at it.
This painting has a magical response to light.  When you shine a strong light on it, the colors brighten into their original incarnations, out in the sun, looking at this cool, shadowed falls.
(Small confession: blog entry delayed by 2 summers.)

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Karen Whitworth said...

Love this painting, the spot, and I totally agree with your sunny and grassy conclusion! :)