Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Winter is the perfect time for a slugabed to paint the sunrise. Here above the 45th parallel, December sunrise is after 7:30, and anyone can manage to get up by 7 to go paint on a midwinter day... even me. Which makes it truly pathetic that I haven’t managed to get up even once this winter until this morning. So it would have been nice to have a spectacular show to reward me for my superhuman efforts. But no.
Still, it was a pleasant morning, a paintbrush in my hand, gradually lightening sky, peaceful calm on the river. Exaggerating the color a little, I managed to put some expression into the sky.
Now if you want me to get up other mornings this winter, let’s have some dramatic skies!


Celeste Bergin said...

yes...we have to make up the dramatic skies! You've done a stellar job of it. Love these colors.

Karen E. Lewis said...

The colors were all there, just much quieter.

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Hi Karen! I've just given you the Sunshine Award! Soon we will all be out painting en plein air again and you will fill your blog with posts about your "Paintoutings"! I look forward to that and hope to paint with you at least once this season!

Check my blog for details and spread the Sunshine!

loriann said...

Hi Karen, beautiful feel to the early morning sky. Thanks for pointing me to your"other" blog.

Karen E. Lewis said...

Thanks for visiting!