Monday, August 27, 2007


An icy wind funnels through the canyon, as if the water has thawed just moments ago. It's a bright sunny day in August, but I'm wishing for gloves, or at least hand warmers. I am also wishing that the landings on these stairs were wider, and placed for MY favorite views. I have set my tripod bridging a couple of stairs, to give myself more room to stand below it.

The falls are magnificient, twisting and turning in a sculpted rock channel. The water catches my attention first, bluish white and foamy. But the rocks are just as attractive, and I wonder if I can make their scoops and gullies into a convincing image. I decide to focus on the rocks.

Again, the plants are all familiar: hemlock, cedar, salal, huckleberry (probably red), and sword fern. And lively green moss everywhere. The rocks around the falls are darker, their crevices in deep shade.

I finish my painting with hands that are rapidly becoming immobile. Even stepping into a small patch of sunlight doesn't help. Must get away from this cold mist.

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