Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Hot Sunrise, 12 x 9 oil

We have had showers in our forecast the last few days, and the next few days to come.  We are finding that if we just set out for some other part of the island, we can find some sunshine and calm for snorkelling.  The other day, we found it in Honolua bay.  There we had the clearest snorkelling I've ever had at that site, and saw lots of brilliant fish.  As I was getting out, I asked the lady next to me how her snorkel was.  She said she hardly saw anything, but she was used to Fiji and other exotic places.  I couldn't argue; Hawaii isn't the best.  But here we are, and I insist on enjoying it.  How can you complain about a place where you can drive for ten minutes and get out of the rain?

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