Friday, October 5, 2012


Trillium Lake Afternoon
8 x 6
My mother is a night owl.   One of my daughters is a night owl.  One of my nephews is a night owl.  This is a persistent and emphatic condition with all of them.

It's easy to put this down to temperament or habit,  but what if it's more than that?

If you've ever spent time around  a campfire, you know that there is a different state of mind that you can enter only after dark.  Maybe more than one state of mind.  Living in our houses with electric lights, we don't often achieve this state unless we go out to a dark bar or a dance club or a party, where the campfire experience is reinvented.

One of these states I'll call "dance ecstasy."  Somehow the critical part of the mind is put to sleep, and you are able to move and laugh and let go.   In some cultures, there's a chemical assist (alcohol, drugs) but it really isn't necessary.  All that is needed is subdued light (campfire) and music.  Voice is really good.  And drums.  Just think of all the energies that get released at a party.

Another state, I'll call "wizzard mind."  In this state the brain is on uber-clarity.  Large problems can be discussed.  Reality is altered.  Connection mind to mind is possible with very few words.  It is the state of mind entered by the shaman, the alchemist, the philosopher.  Again, some cultures use chemical assist, but I think what is needed is dark, and a certain level of fatigue.  Really.  We solve the problems of the world, then we go to sleep.

Maybe the night owl is just someone who makes really good use of these states of mind.  And after staying up really late, who wants to get up early?

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