Monday, January 24, 2011


These are the oil colors I take to the tropics:

Titanium White:  A large tube
Cadmium Yellow Medium (Sometimes I carry Cadmium Yellow Light instead.)
Cadmium Red Light (A small tube of this is enough.)
Quinacridone Red (A moderately small tube is enough.)
Anthraquinone Red  (I could travel without this.  It is a darker version of Quinacridone Red, and a shortcut.)
Ultramarine Blue
Pthalo Blue (Essential for tropical water)
Pthalo Emerald  (Also essential for tropical water, and useful in skies)

And if I feel like it and I have room:
Transparent Red Iron Oxide (A shortcut for creating warm darks)
Cadmium Green (Useful in skies.)

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