Thursday, September 10, 2009



Mosquitos are here all the time. Despite this being the dry season, I have bite marks all over my legs from mosquitos, bites on my thighs from little hard things something like fleas, and big welts from biting flies. I sat down in the grass to do some laundry, and now I have bites at my ankles like chiggers. And more mosquitos.

There are many kinds of mosquitos, some that you hear as a whine in the back of your head, some stealth fliers. There is even a large one with wide black stabilizers like x-wing fighters, decorated with white tips, which makes it especially easy to spot. What’s up with that adaptation?

The occasional mosquito in the day is tolerable, but at dusk they become a horde. At around 5 when the sun is low in the sky and about to set, we construct our nests and climb into our mosquito nets where we read or rest or journal, for at least two hours.

In our huts, bats live, hanging from the palm fronds during the day. At night, they fly around the room after mosquitos, fanning us with their wings. I feel safe inside my net, and enjoy knowing that they are out on patrol.


G. Lindwood said...

Wonderful descriptions. You are an excellent writer as well as a talented artist! I'm looking forward to more installments.

Karen E. Lewis said...

Thanks! More coming, each day for a while yet.


Carrie H. said...

Wow Karen, I didn't ralize you were even down there. Sounds like a life from a different time, like the Plistoscene or something. Can't wait to hear more.

Karen E. Lewis said...

Thanks. I hope I can remember the stuff I didn't write down!