Wednesday, July 22, 2009


A cloudy morning in the park as I walk the upper paths, looking for an ideal painting spot. I reach a deck built out over a hillside with a view out over a clearing. Sunlight through the leaves makes them glow with yellow-green. It’s a quintessential forest view.

While we paint, we have many visitors, people who stop by to look at the paintings, people with children, people with dogs. This trail gets a lot of traffic because it’s one of the easiest trails in the park. There are also art installations along the trail. My favorite is a sculpture like fake shelf fungus, hung on the trees with wires. My first glimpse of this from a distance was, wow! There’s a lot of shelf fungus. Then getting closer, I saw the little houses, and ladders, and buildings for little people to live in. They’re almost like Anasazi ruins. What fun!

Bringing my painting home, I see that I have gone too far with the yellow, and the left-hand tree needs some work. I plan to go back and paint again next week.

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