Wednesday, June 24, 2009


This is a lovely and relaxing spot. The pattern of waves on the water has light dancing all around the cove. It took a lot of energy to leave the house, but now I am happy to be here. Morning painting, my favorite time.

A mother duck is ferrying her brood around the quiet cove. The chicks are about two inches long, and still have yellow topknots. They stay as close to her as it is possible to be, perhaps hoping to look like a bit of her wake. Every time she turns, they shimmy up against her in a reforming wave.

Later in the morning there is other entertainment. A mom in a van drops off two boys around ten or eleven years old, along with a dingy and a cooler. The older one does all the inflating, and the rowing, taking first the cooler, then the younger boy to the beach across the inlet. The mom takes off, leaving them to adventure on their own. I am wondering whether I would have let my boys be unsupervised at the water at that age. About an hour later, two girls show up, giggling and bubbling around. The older boy comes and ferries them over. I wonder if the boys’ mom knows about the girls. I wonder if the girls’ mom(s) know about the boys.

Other boaters arrive, and put their boats in. Their weight rocks the dock where I’m standing. Wind picks up on the river, and I have to take down my umbrella. The wind rocks the pier. For some reason, this makes me happy. (I have spent many happy hours in boats.)

This is a great place to paint. I promise myself to come again. Often. Particularly in the morning.


Carrie H. said...

These are very soothing colors Karen.
At first ,I misunderstood the title and thought you were painting in Watercolor. Keep up the good energy.

Karen E. Lewis said...

I can't wait to get back out there. The morning, in particular, was magical.